Senate proposed bill could help hurt newspapers in Washington

On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Housing and Local Communities heard testimony about Senate Bill 5818, which would promote housing construction by amending the State’s Growth Management Act. The Senate Business, Financial Services, and Commerce Committee also heard testimony on Thursday about Senate Bill 5541, which would exempt Washington newspapers (like the Auburn Examiner) from the state business tax and occupation.

SB 5818

Bill Information: SB 5818 – Promoting Housing Construction in Cities by Amending and Limiting Remedies Under the State Environmental Policy Act and the Growth Management Act. Invoice Information Page (link)
Sponsors: Salomon, Liias, Kuderer, Saldaña, Short
Public hearing held at the Senate Committee on Housing and Local Government on January 20.

Brief summary of the bill
Invoice analysis (link)

  • Exempts mandatory fully planned city housing actions and adopted housing action plan strategies, and permanently exempts optional housing construction capacity actions, from review and appeal under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).
  • Exempts housing action plan strategies adopted by a fully planned city, and permanently exempts optional actions of residential building capacity, from review and legal challenge under the Housing Management Act. the growth.
  • Exempts certain project actions from appeal under SEPA based on or impacts to the aesthetic element of the environment if the project is subject to design review at the local government level.
  • Orders the Ministry of Ecology to modify the maximum thresholds of certain SEPA block exemptions through accelerated regulation.

SB 5541

Invoice information: SB 5541 – Exemption of newspapers from business and professional tax. Invoice Information Page (link)
Sponsors: Mullet, Gildon, Keiser, Liias, Lovick
Status: Public hearing held at the Senate Committee on Business, Financial Services and Commerce on January 20

Brief summary of the invoice
Invoice analysis

  • Exempts newspapers from paying business and professional tax

SPassing Bill 5541 would directly help the Auburn Examiner if pass.

Norman D. Briggs