Mountain Valley Pipeline Sweetheart Deal Taken From Unstoppable Senate Bill

From wild Virginia:

MVP Sweetheart Deal Removed From Must-Have Senate Bill

Tonight, Senator Joe Manchin announced that he is asking for the so-called “permit reform” provisions to be removed from the Continuing Resolution (CR), a budget bill that must pass this week to avoid a government shutdown. . Senator Manchin’s proposals were dangerous to the environment and disrespectful of the role members of the public should play in decisions that affect their lives and futures.

The attempt to force federal agencies to give final approvals for the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) was particularly egregious, despite the project’s failure to comply with our basic environmental laws – the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and others. By removing harmful language from the bill, the Senate will allow normal environmental review processes to proceed, as they should.

The voices and activism of thousands helped force this decision, and Wild Virginia is proud to be part of this broad and dedicated coalition. Now we will continue the battle to end this project once and for all.

“This is the right result for today, but we know that MVP and his boosters will continue to seek special favors and circumvent protective laws that should prohibit the completion of this pipeline,” said David Sligh, Director conservation at Wild Virginia.

Wild Virginia expresses sincere gratitude to Senator Tim Kaine, who pledged to oppose the CR if it included the Manchin proposals. We also thank the Virginia members of the United States House of Representatives. Virginia members who joined a letter calling for the removal of any permission provision from the CR include Rep. Donald McEachin, Rep. Bobby Scott, Rep. Gerry Connolly and Rep. Abigail Spanberger. Representative Morgan Griffith also spoke out against the special deal for MVP.

“The supposed justifications for this move by Manchin and his dirty energy allies – that the pipeline is nearing completion, can be completed in a few months, and that it would help control fuel prices or alleviate shortages at the ‘stranger – are all wrong,” Sligh said. .

Sligh continued, “That’s why they wanted to slide those favors into this bigger bill. They knew they couldn’t win an open debate. We and our allies will continue to tell decision-makers the facts and insist that the public interest be fully protected. This will only be achieved when the MVP is cancelled. Project owners need to know that people won’t stop or even slow down our work until MVP is abandoned and the hurt already inflicted can begin to heal.

Norman D. Briggs