Non-profit agency, Senate bill guarantees a fairer election | Letters to the Editor

ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) is a non-profit agency to assist states with voter registration accuracy and also to increase voter registration among eligible citizens. Currently, 31 states (including Florida) are part of the ERIC.

Through an encrypted computer network, states send data to the ERIC regarding voter registration and motor vehicle registration data, which includes names, addresses, date of birth and the last four digits of the number. voters’ social security.

Each member of the state board receives compiled data on duplicate voter registrations, in-state and out-of-state voter address changes, and deceased voters to update voter rolls. Another list includes potential eligible people who have not yet registered to vote. Annual member state dues of $16,000 to $74,000 to offset costs and update software are based on state voter populations.

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Florida has taken the lead in voter integrity by passing Senate Bill 90 that will strengthen our voter ID laws. It also requires additional identification when changing voter registration information or requesting an absentee ballot. The bill prohibits the harvesting of ballots or the mass mailing of unsolicited ballots.

Along with increased electoral transparency, it prohibits private funds from administering elections.

Maureen “Mo” Baird, Supervisor of Elections, has attempted to promote trust, accuracy and security in our elections by updating voter registration lists and promoting registration in several locations. As of May 17, 2022, registered voters in the county were: 62,462 Republicans, 26,529 Democrats, and 30,358 nonpartisan. Election workers from all parties are trained to have sufficient staff for the next election. Every registered voter should have a voice and be able to trust the outcome of an election.

The ERIC and Senate Bill 90 will ensure a fairer electoral process for all Floridians.

Rudy Brooks

crystal river

Norman D. Briggs