Support for Senate Bill S6208 requested | Letters to the Editor

At a time when bipartisanship is rare, it’s reassuring to see Hudson Valley Senators James Skoufis, Elijah Reichlin-Melnick and Daphne Jordan uniting in support of a common-sense solution for consumers – the Senate Bill S6208, which makes auto insurance photo inspections optional. MP Ken Zebrowski championed the bill and introduced it in the Assembly earlier this year.

Currently, New York drivers are inconvenienced by an outdated photo inspection mandate to retain their comprehensive and collision coverage.

As an independent insurance agent, my clients tell me all the time that this outdated regulation forces them to cut short their lives to get a photo inspection that even cautious insurers deem unnecessary. These regulations date back to the 1970s, but advances in technology can detect fraud much better than a collection of photographs. GPS tracking, anti-theft devices, uniform nationwide waste disposal procedures, New York’s Central Property Damage Registry, and insurance fraud regulatory bureaus are better solutions. The collision industry also claims that the elimination of the mandate will have no impact on its business. With all these anti-fraud tools, there is no need to keep this unnecessary regulation on the books.

Senators Skoufis, Reichlin-Melnick and Jordan showed bipartisan leadership in advocating for this change, which makes it easier for New York drivers to obtain comprehensive and collision coverage. I know my clients appreciate their efforts, and I urge the rest of the New York State Senate and Governor Hochul to support this bill.

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Norman D. Briggs