Senate bill would increase visibility of agency responses to GAO recommendations

GAO would submit an annual report listing recommendations it has made but agencies have not implemented, under a new Senate bill (S-4128) that is the latest in a series measures to draw more attention to the follow-up to recommendations. from GAO ​​and IG agencies.

Those reports would be organized by policy topic and include the length of time the recommendations have not been implemented, said Senators Gary Peters, D-Mich., and Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Senate Leaders for the homeland security and government affairs. Committee.

“The GAO, through its database of individual reports and recommendations, provides information on unimplemented recommendations, but in accordance with current reporting requirements, does not submit a report aggregating and listing all unimplemented matters for consideration by Congress, and its current annual letters to committees do not list the actions of Congress. can take to help agencies implement GAO’s open recommendations,” they said.

The bill would also require that annual GAO letters to agencies and congressional committees identify congressional actions that can help agencies implement open GAO recommendations and publish all known costs of unimplemented recommendations. work.

A similar bill (HR-7331) was recently introduced in the House, also on a bipartisan basis.

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