Governor DeWine, protect the people of Ohio from harm. Veto Senate Bill 215.

To carry a concealed handgun in Ohio, one must pass a criminal background check and complete eight hours of training. Senate Bill 215 would change all that and allow anyone 21 or older to go into hiding without any training or background checks. Who supports this? House and Senate Republicans and armed extremists. Who opposes it? Law enforcement, Ohio mayors, and anyone concerned about record levels of gun violence and firearm homicides in Ohio.

The bill is now headed to Governor Mike DeWine’s office. Contrary to popular belief, concealed carrying is not protected by the Second Amendment.

Additionally, it is not unprecedented for lawmakers to pass gun legislation to protect citizens. The first of many laws passed to regulate firearms was the National Firearms Act of 1934, implemented in the wake of the wave of violence that accompanied Prohibition, to control access to weapons as fully automatic firearms, sawed-off shotguns and silencers. Further restrictions followed.

Governor DeWine should veto SB 215 to protect our families from gun violence, as research by Everytown for Gun Safety has shown that states with lax gun laws have higher levels of gun violence. The lives of law enforcement and the lives of the people of Ohio must take priority over political gain.

Mimi Karon,

Pepper pike

Norman D. Briggs