Flávio Bolsonaro takes on the role of understudy in the Senate investigation

With Senator Ciro Nogueira named the government’s new chief of staff, President Jair Bolsonaro’s eldest son, Flávio, has become an understudy on the Senate Hearings Committee investigating the administration’s response to the pandemic. As an alternate member of the inquiry, Bolsonaro will now have access to all documents received by the commission, even those deemed confidential.

Mr. Nogueira’s full membership will be handed over to Senator Luiz Carlos Heinze, another of the president’s staunchest allies in the investigation. Whenever Mr. Heinze cannot attend a committee meeting, Flávio Bolsonaro will have the right to attend and ask questions of witnesses.

The president’s eldest son has a contentious relationship with investigative reporter Renan Calheiros, who believes Flávio Bolsonaro is involved in the allegations of vaccine corruption is under investigation by senators. Mr. Calheiros even requested access to Mr. Bolsonaro’s confidential bank and telephone records.

During the senatorial investigation into the Covid, the weekly Veja revealed that Flávio Bolsonaro had negotiated a meeting between the director of the Brazilian development bank BNDES and the owner of Precisa Medicamentos, the pharmaceutical company at the center of allegations of corruption involving the purchase of drugs manufactured in India. Covaxin vaccines. On Tuesday, Brazilian health authorities suspended all imports of the vaccine.

Flávio Bolsonaro says the meeting with the BNDES president was to discuss internet access in the north and northeast of Brazil, as Precisa CEO Francisco Maximiano is also a partner in telecommunications companies.

Suspended since July 17, the investigation will resume its sessions on August 3.

Norman D. Briggs