California Senate Bill SB-871 Halted, But Eight Other Bills Removing Basic Rights Are Still Under Consideration

SB-871 has been discontinued. The bill proposed by the California senator Dr. Richard Pan (D-SD-06), would have required all California students, public, private, preschool and daycare to take the Covid-19 vaccine and all boosters, as well as ten other vaccines before reporting.

Senator Scott Wilk

In a survey released yesterday by KHTS, more than 88% of all participants said they would not place their child in school if SB-871 becomes law.

“I have always encouraged all Californians who wish to get vaccinated to do so, as I have been fully vaccinated and boosted. However, this measure would have been a one-size-fits-all approach and would have marginalized a parent’s ability to make decisions important to his children. I’m glad the author of the bill had enough common sense not to go ahead,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita).

Despite the stalling of two bills recently proposed by California Democrats (SB-871 and AB 1993), some California Democratic lawmakers are not giving up on their mission to demand that all Californians be vaccinated. Eight other bills should be voted on in the coming weeks. If these bills are passed and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, it would be the tip of the spear, which could fan out across the country and create the toughest governmentcontrol over personal health choices.

These invoices are listed in detail on the Unity project website.

AB-2098: Classifies the anti-covid medical advice as “unprofessional conduct” subject to the discipline of the California Medical Board.

SB-866: Lowers the age of consent to vaccination to 12 without parental consent or knowledge.

SB-920: Authorizes the California Medical Board to inspect a physician’s office and medical records without patient consent.

SB-1464: Requires law enforcement to enforce public health guidelines or lose funding.

SB-1479: Requires schools to create long-term testing plans and report test results to the California Department of Health.

SB-1390: Prohibits any person or entity from making statements that the government deems to be false or misleading by any means, including on the Internet or in advertisements.

SB 1184: Allows school health personnel to disclose a child’s medical information without parental consent to a third party.

AB 1797: Creates an immunization tracking system that allows all government agencies to access everyone’s immunization records.

Each of these bills would take away many of the rights created in our U.S. Constitution, freedom of speech (SB-1390 & AB-2098) being the most common. KHTS promises to continue to remain vigilant on the progress of each of these bills in hopes that the general public will become more aware of the consequences should any of these bills become law.

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